[FREE] Social Media Security 101 – Stop The Hackers!

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What you Will learn ?

  • You will learn how to Enable the Security & Protect your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Accounts.
  • 1. Two-Factor Authentication
  • 2. Complex Passwords
  • 3. Linked Social Media Accounts and Third Party App Access
  • 4. Seeing who is using your Accounts and Killing the Access
  • 5. Security Alerts and Notifications
  • 6. Location Services and Tracking
  • 7. Phishing Attempts and Fake Accounts
  • Downloadable PDF ‘Social Media Security Tips Checklist’
  • Downloadable PDF ‘Parents Checklist to Protecting their Kids on Social Media’
  • Downloadable PDF ‘Location Services – Apple, Microsoft, Google(Android), Ubuntu Linux

Course Description

We will be going over a lot of different settings within each Social Media Platform. I will show you how to enable MultiFactor Authentication as well as making sure all the appropriate settings are checked to inform and protect you and your information. Protect Your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Accounts and Stop The Hackers by enabling the built in Security! Nobody wants to be that person who says “My Account Got Hacked, Ignore All Messages From Me!”

Course Requirements

  • You must have access to your Social Media Accounts to complete the steps.

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