[FREE] Python For Data Science – For Absolute Beginners

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

What you Will learn ?

  • Python Basic Commands
  • Dat types
  • Important Packages
  • Data Manipulations
  • Basic Statistics and Reporting
  • Data Visualizations in Python
  • Data Cleaning
  • Functions

Course Description

Course Covers six topics.

  1. Basic Commands of python and important packages

  2. Data Manipulations with python

  3. Basic Statistics

  4. Data Visualizations with python packages

  5. Data Validation and Cleaning in Python

  6. Python Objects and Functions

We assume that the participants have no background in python and start with very basic topics. After this course, you can learn Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Other Data Science sources. You must download the resources to learn this course

Course Requirements

  • Google Colab need to be pre-installed.
  • Basic Knowledge on Data science

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