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Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

What you Will learn ?

  • JavaScript
  • Web Development

Course Description

JavaScript is an incredibly popular language used for many kinds of software programming and coding challenges. By learning JavaScript, you can quickly use technology to address many everyday challenges.

Learn the World’s Most Useful Programming Language in this Short but Intensive Course.

  • Set up a coding environment and understand the basic steps of coding

  • Understand how to use arrays, loops, objects and functions

Understand the useful stuff first to quickly create powerful problem-solving applications.

JavaScript has come to become one of the most popular programming languages in the world in 2021. This is because it allows developers to quickly build up all parts of the application – all in one language! People with JavaScript skills are sought after as Front-end developers, Web application developers or Full-Stack developers, and are hired by most of the worlds largest and most prestigious companies.

In this course, we skip the crud and go straight to the most useful concepts for build solutions in JavaScript. With the help of practical and business-centric examples you learn how the basic principles are used to create powerful solutions to real-world problems.

Complete with engaging lectures, this course was designed to teach the useful concepts first and will jump start your progress towards becoming a proficient coder.

Course Requirements

  • None

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