[FREE] Learn html from scratch and make budget by creating website

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

What you Will learn ?

  • Enroll this course to learn html from basic to advanced knowledge and make money with your phone
  • Create website using html

Course Description

In this course you will learn all about html.  After this course, you can create your own website using html

You will learn html from beggining

• ) what is html

•)fundamentals of html

•)how browser shows html code

•) what is html comment

•) what is html heading , level of html heading

•)what is html paragraph

•)what is html attributes,  how to use it

•)what is html rules

•)what is html paragraph

•)what is html text formatting

•)how to use css

•)what is style attribute

•)how to use inline css

•)how to create html link

•)how to create images with link

•)what is class attributes

•)hot to create image in html

•)how to create image with different link

•) using of map tag with image

•) talking about deprecated tags

•)creating lists using list tags

•)what is ordered list and it’s attributes

•)what is unordered list and it’s attributes

•)how to create form

•)how to create drop-down list

•)how to create radio button

•)how to create submit button

•)what is action attributes

•)what is method attribute , why to use post method

•)how to create tables

•)how to create data cell

•)how to give background image to table, link to tables,  list to table  etc…

•)how to span cells in row and coloum

•)how to give background image to data cell,  image to data cell,  list to data cell etc..

•)how to give css to tables and data cell

.•) html colors

•)  why Rgb method is Usefull in css

Then why you waiting for . Enroll now

Course Requirements

  • You don’t want any previous knowledge. You just need a phone or computer

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