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What you Will learn ?

  • You will learn to design different types of thumbnails for Live streaming. 3D popup, Unboxing reviews, and many more
  • 15+ YouTube thumbnails design layout ideas which will help you to design your custom thumbnails
  • Design high-quality YouTube thumbnails
  • You will learn to design YouTube thumbnails using paid as well as free options
  • Get more views
  • Attract new viewers through your stunning thumbnails
  • Optimizing YouTube Thumbnails

Course Description

Designing a thumbnail for your YouTube videos is a very challenging task. Why did I say this it’s a challenging task? There are so many reasons behind this statement:

  1. Let’s assumed you have designed your thumbnail here one question arises about your designed thumbnail will work or not

  2. Thumbnail you have designed is clickable or just the same as other YouTube thumbnails

  3. Your thumbnail is long-lasting or just stays for some time.

It’s the bitter reality that what you have designed may be liked by others or not, maybe some click on it or not and the most important thing is it able to gain the attraction of viewers or not. These are some questions you have to ask before design. Because you are the designer of your thumbnail, so I am sure you will like that but while designing the thumbnail you have to think from a viewer’s point of view about what they like or not.

So to overcome all these things, I have designed this awesome and easy YouTube thumbnail design course for you. Where you will learn new things like

  • Trending thumbnail design

  • Color psychology

  • 15+ thumbnail design ideas

  • Clutter-free design

  • How top YouTubers designed their thumbnail

We will go from basic thumbnail design to some advanced eye-catching thumbnail design. Apart from this, I will show you some tricks that you will create your thumbnail more appealing as well as different from others which help in gaining more viewers.

Course Requirements

  • Willingness to learn about YouTube thumbnail creation


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