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Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

What you Will learn ?

  • Need of web scraping
  • Introduction to web scraping
  • How to extract your desired data from websites
  • How to extract text and pictures from websites
  • Scraping ICC website
  • Scraping Stackoverflow website
  • Scraping YTS website
  • Manipulating the data according to requirements
  • Converting the data into a CSV/excel file

Course Description

This course focuses on the basic as well as advanced level of web scraping. You are eligible to take this course if you just have a basic knowledge of any programming language.

This course is all about extraction of data from websites. Since we are living in an era of information technologies, so there has to be an automated solution to this problem and yes, there is a solution to this problem and we call it “Web Scraping”.

We are using “python” as a programming language for this purpose. Python provides us some very useful libraries in order to deal with data. For example: Pandas or numpy and specially “Beautiful soup” for web scraping. One of the other reasons to use python for this tutorial is the importance of python in this era, as almost every survey nominates python as the fastest emerging programming language in world. So in order to keep ourselves updated with modern day technologies, we are also using python for this course as a programming language.

In this course we will take a start from absolutely basic level and will try to tell you everything from scratch. And then once we are good with our fundamentals, we will be doing some advances level projects as well, such as extracting pictures from websites or manipulating the data after the extraction.

And finally we will learn how to store our data in a structured format so that it becomes useful for many other objectives. So we will be exporting the data into CSV or excel format so that it will become readable for everyone or it can be used in presentations or data analysis processes or anywhere you want.

Course Requirements

  • Just basic knowledge of any programming language

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