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What you Will learn ?

  • [FREE EBOOK] You get a eBook called “Time Management: Saving 4 Hours a Week”
  • Subtitles/captions available in English
  • I have taught these proven time management techniques to thousands of students all over the world
  • Worksheets available for download to help you reach your goals
  • Beat procrastination instantly using the 5 Second Rule
  • Understand the difference between Urgent and Important tasks
  • Get more done by avoiding the perfectionist trap
  • Work during your most productive hours of the day or night
  • Instantly increase your productivity by breaking down big tasks using proven techniques

Course Description


Do you feel overwhelmed with all your responsibilities and tasks with work, family, and community?

Do you struggle with work/life balance?

Do you want to manage your time more efficiently and feel more satisfied with life?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! This course is designed to help people who struggle with managing their time while trying to do it all. I know your time is limited and precious, so each lesson is around 3-5 minutes and you can learn at your own pace.  This course is designed to be as practical as possible, so I’ve cut out all the fluff and boring theory so that you can learn as quickly as possible.

I personally use all the tips & tricks in this course and I have taught them to thousands of happy students.


  • How to beat procrastination instantly using the 5 Second Rule

  • How to motivate yourself to start big tasks by breaking them down into bite-sized pieces

  • How to save 4 hours per week using simple, proven Time Management techniques

  • And much more!


  • Taught by a CPA, CA, MBA – Calvin K. Lee

  • He is a top-rated instructor at Schulich School of Business at York University

  • Over 55,000+ students from 172 countries enrolled in his courses

  • Lifetime access to this course, and you receive new lessons and updates for FREE.

  • He has 15 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping

  • He has worked in a Big 4 accounting firm (Ernst & Young)

  • Subtitles (captions) available in English

  • Certificate of Completion available

  • If you aren’t absolutely satisfied, I’ll refund your money with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • “It is really eye opening! I really enjoy this course! He has nailed every point and I have found myself guilty of doing those mistakes mentioned. I also like how it gets to the point right away with the short videos! Extremely helpful for us who have a very busy schedule.” – Sophia P.

  • “I really like how the instructor introduces the topic and how he gives personal experience as his example for the topic.” – Wina Q.

  • “The teaching style in several pars is very useful to us and the quizzes are also very effective. From these lectures we come to learn how to split a big task into bite-sized pieces. We also knew how to save our time in daily life and increase our productivity.” – Rachaita D.

  • “I like your teaching style, the way of expressing concepts. Everything looks good.” – Rosary A.

  • “I like everything that has been discussed especially the topic on important vs urgent tasks because it is really true that some urgent task has no significant importance.” – Cherry M.

  • “It is amazing” – Mariah P.

  • “The tips given in the course are very practical and simple and the instructor’s teaching style is also inspiring and straightforward” – Sudip R.

  • “Short quick videos and direct to the point” – Hamedk K.


Course Requirements

  • No prior knowledge needed, just a willingness to experiment with new techniques to quickly improve your time management and productivity!


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