[100% OFF] The Great Calculus 1 – LOGARITHMS in details (FUNCTIONS)

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

What you Will learn ?

  • Logarithms for use in Functions
  • Logarithms for use in Calculus
  • Definition of Logarithm
  • Domain and Range of Logarithmic Functions
  • Logarithmic equations
  • Graphs of Logarithm
  • Logarithmic Inequalities
  • From beginners to intermediate to advance level tricks.

Course Description

This is literally the ULTIMATE Course on LOGARITHMS for functions, pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus 1, calculus 2 students!!

HOW CONFIDENT AM I? Take this course. If you don’t GET INSPIRED TO BE MORE INCLINED TO DO CALCULATIONS MENTALLY in the next 30 days, Udemy has a 30 day refund policy!

The most important requirement is that you must be willing to learn LOGARITHMS. If you’ve got that zeal, then you can jump into this course as it starts from the very basics of LOGARITHMS.

Basically just,

1) Watch the videos, and try to follow along with a pencil and paper, take notes!

2) Try to do the problems before I do them(if you can!)

3) Repeat!

Logarithms is an absolutely beautiful subject. I hope you enjoy watching these videos and working through these problems as much as I have:)

Who this course is for:

· Anyone Taking Functions

· Anyone Taking Pre-algebra

· Anyone Taking Algebra

· Anyone Taking Pre – Calculus

· Anyone Taking Calculus 1

· Anyone Taking Calculus 2

***** Recent Student Review *****

***** “ Thank you so much for taking the time to put together an amazing course bro. This course has helped me a lot.

***** “Thanks for a well made course. The progression of topics is well structured and goes from beginners to advance level. There is something for everyone in this course.


Course Requirements

  • Willingness to learn Logarithm in detail

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