[100% OFF] The complete AutoCAD course from zero to advanced

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What you Will learn ?

  • AutoCAD 2D drawing

Course Description


This course is a detailed explanation of all the 2D drawing commands using the AutoCAD software, in addition to containing a lot of exercises and assignments so that the trainee can draw using the softwareeasily and quickly without facing problems.

This course starts with you from scratch until professionalism in this software, because there are many advanced commands in using AutoCAD.

The lessons are characterized by their short duration in order not to be boring and to contain the whole topic without overlapping explanations with each other, which helps the trainee to focus and easily choose the topics that he wants to focus on without the need to follow a long video to obtain specific information.

Also, in explaining the AutoCAD software, simple English was used in order to take into account the differences in levels in the English language and so that all trainees could understand the explanations without facing any problems.

Course Requirements

  • have a laptop and AutoCAD software

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