[100% OFF] The 30 in 1 Canva Masterclass Course in 2021: Rookie to Pro

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

What you Will learn ?

  • A-Z about the newest version of Canva 3.0
  • Every design from scratch no matter how creative it is
  • 33+ designs for different places and events from a Canva Professional
  • To have fun with Canva and to design anything, anytime and with any device
  • Get a chance to be a great, or the greatest of designers and be a Freelancer
  • Be a part of the 1% pro designers out there who can create anything from their creative minds and with Canva 3.0
  • Create a strong, unbreakable and unshakable identity and image as a Designer within no time

Course Description

“A real designer doesn’t need an excuse to design”.                                                                   – Carlos Jimenez

This is what a kid rather say a 17-year-old kid believed when he started his journey as a Digital Marketer.

A year ago this 17-year-old kid started playing with a new toy and this toy was called, was popularly called Canva by this world. One of the simplest and fun making of tools the world has ever seen.

The kid who kicked off our story knew nothing about design and innovation and creativity and all sorts of complicated things, rather he was barely a high school graduate who just had some idea about his own academic concepts.

Only that much knowledge.

He never got upset by the fact that he was literally a ZERO (0) in designing and creating designs.

You know why?

Just because he knew that everything in this big, dynamic world was possible irrespective of the difficulties and the challenges.

Slowly and slowly he started using this lovely tool and he believed that the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.

His belief was really, really strong and strong enough to make things, the impossible things possible.  It took quite a long time and energy and money to do all these kinds of stuff.

With this belief of creating a masterpiece from scratch, that kid published his first online course and then two more courses within a year.

With over 50000 students in just less than 3 months, creating a history of being one of the youngest online instructors in the world.

All of this was made possible just because of this lovely tool.

After doing all sorts of things with Canva that kid decided to make a course on it and edutain the world about this beautiful tool that can change the life of millions and billions of people around the globe in no time.

After making more than half a dozen websites, creating a YouTube Channel, and Making a Facebook page that kid decided to give you all this course.

The instructor of this course is that 17-year-old kid who just believed in one concept and i.e.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”

If you’re this then, you’re going to take this course for sure because this is for you.

If that kid can why can’t you?

See you in my class.


(P.S.: Please make sure that you’re a dreamer and a passionate one before joining the course)

Promo Music Credits:

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Musician: Jason Shaw

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Course Requirements

  • No prior experience is required
  • Just an android, IOs, PC or a Mac is needed.

Coupon Code : LEARNING-IN-2021

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