[100% OFF] TEDx for NGOs, NonProfits & Volunteers

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Deal Score+1

What you Will learn ?

  • Why TEDx is a strategic tool for NGOs NonProfits to gain influence and capital through thought leadership
  • How to successfully utilize TEDx to build your personal and organizational and relational capital
  • How to Successfully Apply or Be Invited to Give Your TEDx Talk

Course Description

NGOs, NonProfits, and Volunteer Run Organizations do some of the most rewarding work for amazing causes.  Unfortunately, they can be under funded, and resources are usually stretched to the breaking point.

Conversely, in more established charities, politics and precedent can discourage the impact of newer leaders and initiatives. 

Establishing yourself as a thought leader outside the walls of your charity is one tool that innovators use to leverage the vehicle of TEDx – and raise everyone in their organization by going outside the walls to spread the impact of the ideas behind your charity. 

This course will give you options to get either invited – or accepted – to make your ideas heard on the TEDx stage.  It features several examples from the 300+ case studies of BeTheTalk podcast, several are from the non-profit world.

You will learn:


  • #1 ENEMY to an effective TEDx Talk

  • How to Anticipate Compassion Fatigue

  • Make them CURIOUS not indignant

  • Use TEDx Talks to fundraise & increase resources

  • And much more!

Course Requirements

  • Desire to speak on TEDx stage
  • Determination to Communicate Your Best Ideas From Stage

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