[100% OFF] Standing Partner Acrobatics for Beginners

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What you Will learn ?

  • Perform 5 beginner standing acro moves, including thigh stand, reverse thigh stand, flag pose, one-arm backflag, and bow-and-arrow
  • Perform some basic variations on these moves to add pizazz
  • Learn to transition in and out of poses in a variety of ways
  • Use transitions to smoothly connect the poses into a complete flow
  • Build trust and connection with a partner or friend

Course Description


  • One friend, partner, sibling, parent, dating app match, or consenting stranger


Learn 5 beginner standing acro poses, and the transitions that allow you to link them together into a seamless flow. Build trust and deepen your physical connection with your partner and/or friends.

Suitable for students with no acro experience, as well as for those who have practiced L-basing acro yoga and are looking to expand their skill set into standing acro.

This course breaks down each move so that practically anyone can learn it. Each video builds sequentially upon the previous, so that you have already built up the required fundamentals by the time you try a new pose. We demonstrate and explain each new move, including common mistakes that we’ve seen with our in-person students, and helpful tips and tricks that we’ve discovered along the way so that you can learn as efficiently as possible. And finally, you’ll learn how to transition seamlessly between poses, and perform an entire routine from start to finish!

Content and Overview:

This course contains 11 classes and 37 minutes of video instruction. As your instructors, we are excited to see your progress and always available to take feedback and respond to questions.

Master impressive-looking beginner acro poses using our bite-sized, easy-to-follow classes.

  • Partner counterbalance/ warm-up

  • thigh stand

  • flag pose

  • reverse thigh stand (or “Titanic”)

  • One-arm backflag

  • Bow-and-arrow

  • Transitions between poses

  • How to link everything together to perform an entire acro flow!

Course Requirements

  • No previous experience required

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