[100% OFF] Negotiating Salary and Compensation for Startup Employees

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What you Will learn ?

  • How to negotiate your salary
  • How to state your performance and results in a clear manner
  • How to persist and overcome tough/hostile HR or managers

Course Description

Don’t we all wish we made more money?

Negotiating your salary as a startup employee can be tough. Especially with a crazy founder or when the startup is pre-revenue.

Just because a startup has a lot of potential, that doesn’t mean that negotiating a raise is easy.

But there are things that can be done to improve your chances.

My name is Vasco Patrício. I’m an executive performance and persuasion coach. I have helped countless clients:

  • Increase their salary or other perks;

  • Obtain support from key people in the company (including past “haters”);

  • Become indispensable to their departments;

  • Easily obtain support and buy-in from others to ease their career;

In this course, we are going to cover the salary negotiation process. We split this into three phases:

  • The Preparation (gathering your facts, making them look better, preparing for the interaction);

  • The Presentation (communicating with strength and clarity, and getting your ask across);

  • The Negotiation (going back and forth with the other side, but using specific techniques to make sure the end result is better for you than for them);

For this purpose, we are going to leverage a combination of soft skills and persuasion techniques. These will accelerate your logical demands, helping you disarm the other side when they are not cooperating, and moving you further towards a result that is good for you.

If you think this course could help you, it would be a pleasure to have you as a student. See you on the inside!

Are you going to take your negotiation game to the next level?


Warning: Choose the Right Course!

This course is part of the “Negotiating Salary and Compensation” series, containing different courses for different purposes:
Negotiating Salary and Compensation (“generic” version);
Negotiating Salary and Compensation for Executives (in executive situations, based on the success of your initiatives);
Negotiating Salary and Compensation for IT Professionals (for coders, tech leads, others);
Negotiating Salary and Compensation for Marketing Professionals (for campaign managers, event mangers, others);
Negotiating Salary and Compensation for Startup Employees;
Negotiating Salary and Compensation in Asset Management (for traders, analysts. PMs, fund managers);

These courses are 50% similar (half of the course, the “base course”, is the same for all, while 50% is “custom” to each situation. The “generic” version only contains the 50% that is the “base course”, which is why it has a lower price.

If you’re interested in another version of this series instead of this one, just search by name on the course directory or my profile.


Course Requirements

  • Have a basic knowledge of your achievements/results

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