[100% OFF] Milestones in Python 3.9 with exciting new features

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

What you Will learn ?

  • In this course, you will get understanding of New Features in Python 3.9 programming as compared to Python 3.8 with demo in both environments.

Course Description

New Features in Python 3.9 In this course, you will have an understanding of some the exciting new features in Python 3.9

-Zone Information Module and what problem it solves.

-Annotations with its use.

-Python Merge and Update Dictionaries.

-Generics – creating float in Python list

-Remove Prefix and Suffix in Python

-Python Multiphase Initialization

You will definitely love this course because it is simple, easy and takes you levels ahead in python programming without even noticing 🙂

Course Requirements

  • Python 3.9 and 3.8 Installed, An understanding of data types, flow controls, OOP, decorators and generators in python.

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