[100% OFF] How to become an indie author

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What you Will learn ?

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities to become an indie author
  • How to choose the topic or literary genre according to your interest and/or writing skills
  • How to prepare your first independent book
  • Where to sell your books, define its price and how to position it strategically in the market

Course Description

In this innovative course, you will learn a large array of important and useful aspects regarding the route on how to become an independent writer (commonly referred to as ‘indie author’). The aim of this course is to share not only my knowledge acquired with studies about the independent publishing business but mainly my practical experience of several years and more than 40 titles independently published.

Within that, one of the main benefits you will gain from this course is to reduce your learning curve and be able to get started in your writing career sooner than you could expect.

Among the several topics addressed in the course, I highlight for example: a) choosing a literary genre according to your interests and writing skills, b) how to adjust correctly your expectations regarding your writing career, c) the pros and cons of becoming an indie author, d) which steps to follow in preparing your first book, e) how to promote your book and position it strategically in the market, among many other topics.

Ultimately, in this course, you will learn that there is a lot of work and sweat behind the career of an indie author, but it is also extremely rewarding in terms of accomplishments and fulfilment of your personal goals, regardless of financial gains.

Course Requirements

  • Desire and interest to become an independent writer

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