[100% OFF] Home Automation using Arduino, Smart Phone App and JARVIS AI

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What you Will learn ?

  • Learn basics of Arduino
  • Learn to control Arduino using Python
  • Learn to build Jarvis AI
  • Automate various tasks
  • Learn to build communication between PC and Arduino
  • Learn to Bluetooth module with Arduino
  • Learn to build Simple Apps for your Phone
  • Do Home Automation using Jarvis AI
  • Control Electronics using Voice Recognition from your Smart Phone
  • Control Electronics using Switch App on your Smart Phone

Course Description

Hey There!

Give a moment of your thought to following questions.

  • Want to automate your Home?

  • Want to control your Home Electronics remotely?

  • Want to build Android Apps for doing your simple tasks? 

  • Want to build your own JARVIS AI Assistant? That can do your biding for you just like in movies.

  • Are you inspired by the cool technology used in the movies?

  • Do you love the AI Assistant used in spy and superhero movies?

If your answer to all of these questions is a big “YESSS!“, then this course is right for you and you are in the right place.

After completion of this course, you will learn:

  • Learn basics of Arduino

  • How to convert your Home into a Smart Home?

  • Learn Basic to Intermediate level python.

  • How to build chat-bots? 

  • How to build an AI Assistant?

  • How to transform your Computer into JARVIS?

  • How to make the Computer do your work?

  • How to control your Home Electronics using JARVIS from your Computer?

  • How to build Android Apps easily without any complex programming logics?

  • How to build a Switch App to Control your Home from Smart Phone?

  • How to build a Voice Recognition App to Control your Home from Smart Phone?

  • Note: If you have any questions related to the course then ask them away in the Discussion Section below.

    I believe that

    One must get knowledge whenever he is given the opportunity.”

    Knowledge must be shared as It is our sacred duty.

    Till next time,

    Happy learning!

Course Requirements

  • No programming experience is needed. But having a little knowledge of general programming concepts like variables, loops will be great.

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