[100% OFF] Getting started with DevOps using Azure DevOps & Docker

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What you Will learn ?

  • Create an entire CI/CD pipeline in VSTS
  • Creating Docker images
  • Working with Docker Hub to store and download images
  • Creating multiple environments: Dev, Staging and Production
  • Create and publish a docker image to Azure Web App for Containers

Course Description

Docker and DevOps tools are becoming essential requirements in today’s software development. Developers could feel the urge to learn it and students should be prepared for it from now. If you hear lots of talks about these two technologies and you have a sort of clear idea how should it work theoretically, but you want to see it in action and start experimenting it yourself? Then, this course is for you! It is all practical, no slides, no time wasted. I get you direct to the point, in just 1 hour!


1. Install Docker for Linux (or Windows)
2. Create a sample ASP.NET Core Web App 
3. Run Web App on Docker 
    3.1 Pull Docker images from Docker Hub 
    3.2 Create Dockerfile 
    3.3 Build Docker image 
    3.4 Run Docker image
    3.5. Dockerignore file (coming soon)
4. Tag the image 
5. Push image to Docker Hub 
6. Pull the image from Docker Hub 
7. Create Web App for Containers on Azure 
8. CI with VSTS 
    8.a Publish source code to Github 
    8.b create a CI pipeline 
    8.c Add task: Build Image 
    8.d Add task: Push Image 
    8.e Enable CI trigger 
9. CD with VSTS 
    9.a Configuring the artifacts 
    9.b Enabling Continuous Deployment trigger 
    9.c Configuring the environments : Dev, Staging & Prod
10 Run the CI & CD pipelines
11 Working with docker-compose.yml (coming soon)
12 Adding a Database to the project (coming soon)

Course Requirements

  • Visual Studio Code
  • DevOps knowledge is not required

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