[100% OFF] Fundamental of PN Junction Diode – Application Point of View

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What you Will learn ?

  • Learn the Diode Application.
  • Learn about the Rectifier
  • Learn about the Clippers and Clamper
  • Learn about the Multiplier Circuit

Course Description

If you want to make the Carrier in Electronics then this Course is for you. Here you Learn the use of diode in Different Application Such as  Rectifier, Clipper, Clamper and Multiplier Circuit.

The Course Content are:

  • Learn the Designing of Rectifier Circuit

  • Learn the Designing of Clipper Circuit.

  • Learn the Designing of Clampers Circuit.

  • Learn the Designing of Voltage multipliers Circuit.

Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of science.
  • Basic ideas of current, voltage and electric field.
  • Basic knowledge of Diode.

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