[100% OFF] Finance Fundamentals for Building an Investment Portfolio

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What you Will learn ?

  • Basic finance fundamentals for a stable and resilient investment portfolio
  • Modern Portfolio Theory and its limitations
  • Efficient Frontier and its usage
  • Capital Market Line and the use of leverage
  • Introduction to Risk Parity Concept
  • Introduction to Multi-Strategy Approach
  • Simple concepts behind proven quantitative strategies used by hedge funds
  • See real world performance of proven quantitative strategies used by hedge funds

Course Description

This is a finance fundamentals course for all aspiring portfolio managers. It is the foundation course for our entire series of courses. You will learn why a well-constructed diversified portfolio is the best approach to generating consistent returns with the least amount of risk.

Using a chronological approach, we will look at how the process of building an investment portfolio has evolved over the years. From the very beginning when the idea first came about, until the latest innovation in building a modern portfolio. Using only conceptual diagrams, this course should cater to all investors from beginners to experts.

We will also use simple short videos to explain the concepts behind some proven quantitative strategies used by hedge funds. This will provide a good introduction for you to move on to our quantitative strategy courses. We will also look at real world performance of these quantitative strategies in the year 2020 which included a once in a century crisis.

Note that the details of the individual strategies are not covered in this course. It is highly recommended that you enroll in at least 2 of the strategy courses, if not all, as they also cover the elementary knowledge behind key investment concepts, financial mathematics, and basic excel skills.

Finally, we also recommend that you enroll in our capstone multi-strategy course after you have completed the individual strategy courses.

After you have finished our entire series of courses, you will be ready to build your very own multi-strategy portfolio!

Course Requirements

  • Basic appreciation of risk-return trade-off in investing
  • An open mind to learn


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