[100% OFF] Explore Computer Science Technology Jobs & Hiring Process

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What you Will learn ?

  • Learn What Computer Science Majors Choose For Careers
  • Read About The Routine Tasks Of These Technical Professions
  • Learn To Position Yourself For Career Success
  • Learn The Post Interview Sucess Secret
  • Learn The “Must Know” Tips for Resume And Cover Letter Success
  • Learn To Negotiate
  • Master Your Own Career Development
  • Improve Your Interviewing Skills
  • Learn What The I.T. Fundamentals Are
  • Learn About The Daily Work Of Computer Engineering
  • Learn About The Daily Activities Of Software Development
  • Learn About Daily Work In Web Development
  • Learn About Basic Certifications Including Microsoft Certification, Cisco
  • Learn About Hiring Competency Tests

Course Description

Join over 63,000 students in 177 countries taking Pursuing Wisdom Academy courses. 

Looking for a great job in the computer technology field? This is set up as 3 courses in 1.  In the course you will learn how to get your resume in front of decision makers. Get access to tips and pointers from a former hiring manager. The job search, cover letters, resumes, networking, social media like LinkedIn, phone interviews, in-person job interviews and post interview secrets to get you noticed -all included.  Worldwide, computers are everywhere! Maybe you are one of the many who are flocking to the fast growing and high earning computer career opportunities. Whether you are interested in Computer Engineering, Software Development, Web Development, I.T. Support, or Teaching this course is for you.

Learn about career opportunities, educational requirements, what daily activities can be expected for the career, certifications and education needed along with what to expect to be asked during an interview. This course covers it all. Explore your interests and get a job faster than you thought possible ! Course comes with an E-book. The course is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Enroll today.

Course Requirements

  • A Desire To Get Employment You Will Enjoy

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