[100% OFF] BGP Routing Protocol on Huawei with LABS – Entry

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What you Will learn ?

  • Implement BGP routing protocol on Huawei Routers
  • Understand what BGP is
  • Understand Internal BGP in details
  • Understand eBGP Multihop
  • Understand BGP Connect-interface
  • Understand iBGP Split Horizon
  • Understand the BGP messages
  • Understand the BGP states
  • Understand Preferred value attribute
  • Understand Local preference attribute
  • Understand AS Path Pretend Attribute
  • Understand Origin Attribute
  • Understand MED Attribute

Course Description

BGP is the routing protocol of the internet. For this reason, BGP is known as a complex routing protocol. As we are network engineers, we should know how to configure BGP when we work on Huawei routers. In case you work in an ISP or in a company which is implementing BGP on Huawei routers, this course will guide you with the step-by-step LABS how to configure BGP correctly and how you can manipulate your internet traffic.

This is the only course available on the internet which focus on BGP on Huawei routers from scratch, so by taking this course you will have a depth understanding of BGP as a routing protocol, and how to implement BGP on Huawei routers. I will explain about what BGP is and where we should use it, then I will show you about the prefixes available in BGP. After that I will show you about External BGP in details, then about Internal BGP, then about the most attributed used in BGP to manipulate your traffic.

To follow the LABS, you need to have Huawei eNSP simulator installed on your PC, then you can do all the LABS.

I hope you will enjoy the course and see you inside.

Course Requirements

  • Huawei HCIA level
  • Good skills with Huawei routers

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